5 Ways to get more organised and productive?

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This is the question which is frequently asked and googled. How to get more organised and productive?. From students to teachers to professionals to everybody – wants get more out of their life. There are books written on it and  articles all over the internet, but are the up to date? or are obsolete?

I want to share some tips and tricks to get more out of life in the fast and busy world. Let’s start then –

Avoid Social Media * –
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In present day, social media is known for distracting most of human being living on the earth (where else they live btw). Whatsapp, Facebook, WeChat, Telegram, Kik, Skype and the list is very long. Social Media isn’t a bad thing – it has so many advantages and but if is the thing which is distracting you and stopping you from being productive. It is the time to say NO to it. There was a time when people on social media were logical and understanding, but what I see now is that social media is nothing more than a platform of selfies sharing and showing off. People getting indulged in unnecessary talks and arguments. In a recent survey, people who are more active of Facebook were found to be more depressed. (Google it). So the first step to be more productive is Permanently Delete your social media accounts (at least Facebook) . Don’t worry, if anybody has anything important to tell you he/she would find the other way. Delete your account and you would see change in just a week. You would not only see improvement in your productivity but also in your social life (the real ones).

* If you a man (or woman) with superhuman quality of using it in a productive and fair way then you can keep it.

Say no to Smartphone  – 

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Smartphone the 21st century invention has changed the way people live their life. It has made life simple to great extent but at the same time it has also hurt the productivity. Every now or then you might pick up your smartphone, check out some trending youtube video, or your old pics and etc. You pick it up for five minutes but strangely by the time you put it back, twenty to half and hour would have passed. This is the power of distraction of smartphone. So keep a very simple phone which has only feature of calls and messages. Do I have to throw my smartphone in the dustbin? ummm NO. All you have to do is keep if away from your productive times – like in your office hours, like when you are hanging out with friends (happy time is productive time), like when you are out with your parents. By doing so you will have more time spent on the productive things and not only thing, it will also improve your relationships with your friends, colleagues and parents. If you have a smartphone which is hurting your productivity best way is not to carry it with you whenever you step out of your room.

Keep a Diary – 

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It is an advice which is given to improve productivity since time immemorial and you know what it is still as effective as it was in earlier times. Keeping a diary or a planner compensate the fault the human memory – we forget things. Writing them down helps us get organised. Planners are the best thing to start with if you have lots of task to do daily. The trick is works as wonder with a planner is that, you should write down the tasks you need to do next day- a day before (mostly at night). If you wrote ten tasks to be done, of those two to three must be the most important task which should be completed on the same day with no delay – mark them.

Wait before you reply – 

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One should stop (if he/she has) this habit of immediately replying to messages/emails/posts and requests. Just when you move that cursor to the reply button, hold on and question yourself – “Is it really that important?” or “Is it more important than what I am doing right now?”. Suppose you are studying or working and suddenly your  hear message beeps  on your cellphone. Wait! Don’t check out the message immediately, (unless it is from someone like your Boss) and mark a time to check it. For emails, the best way is to keep a set of time apart from your schedule and check your emails only on that time.

Talk Less, Listen More – 
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Last but not the least – Talk Less, Listen More. If you wonder why some of the most productive and successful people don’t talk much. It is not a rocket science, if you talk less you will be less distracted and have more time to think about the things of importance. I don’t mean that you become a silent type, No. I just want to say that open your mouth only if what you are going to say will add value.




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