Easiest way to access Blocked Websites

There a so many ways and tricks available on internet to access the websites which are blocked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Some websites are blocked in entire country, some on specific network and some by your local network provider. If you google way to access these websites you may find many ways but not all of them are beginner friendly. Some of them are so tricky that person just give up trying.

I am sharing a simplest method to access blocked websites. In India, isohunt.to website is blocked by the Government. When you try to access it, you will be landed on this page.


How to access this website then? Well, follow these 3 Steps –

  1. Goto awhoer.net
  2. Enter the website address in the text box 
  3. Then Click Go. 

Hurry! You have just got access to the blocked website.


Meditating Ninja at your service 😀


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