Successful but still Unhappy, Read this book.

It is no wonder that many of the successful people are unhappy today. Money, Fame and all those materialistic things couldn’t make them happy anymore (ofcourse once they did). So if you are smart, successful, having a good job, earning a good salary still feels that emptiness inside you ready to gulp you down then you have just landing on the right page.


I have been through this, I always thought that to be happy I need to be rich (super rich actually), powerful, beautiful and bla bla. As life progressed I became rich, had a white collar job, luxury etc. but I also realised that I became more and more unhappy. Like in the Pirates of the Caribbean, Barbossa and his crew were cursed not to enjoy life pleasures I thought the same happened with me. Not the world’s most delicious food, not the best female body, not those expensive drinks could make me happy. Just when I was on the edge of it before the fall I came across this book which changed everything. I recommend you to read this beautifully written book by Raj Raghunathan.

If You’re So Smart, Why aren’t you Happy? 

Image result for if you are so smart why aren't you happy

Buy it on Amazon IndiaBut it on Amazon USA

I am so glad that Raj Raghunathan also made course of Coursera that is available to all for free. You can join that course also at here –  A Life of Happinees and Fulfillment .

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