Importance of India

India is an important player in the human story and is making a rapid return to centre stage. Learning about India has never been more relevant to our lives and possibly our careers.Indian-Passport-Renewal-or-Re-issue-Documents-list.jpg

At the current pace of change, we may see:

  • Within 10 years, India is likely to overtake China and have the world’s largest population
  • In 20 years, New Delhi overtaking Tokyo as the world’s largest city
  • In 30 years, India could overtake China and the US as the world’s largest economy

By the time a current college student is the same age as their parents are today – the world will have changed dramatically. India’s importance is growing by the day and could very well have far-reaching implications for your life and career.

University of Ohio has developed a course on Importance on India on Coursera. You can join the course for free and explore the India and be amazed by its capabilities.

Here is the link to the course – 

Meditating Ninja at your service 🙂


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